Acupuncture in St Paul, MN

Deborah E. Aurianivar

Licensed Acupuncturist | Chinese Herbalist | Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Why Choose Access Wellness Acupuncture?

Access Wellness provides comprehensive consultations and specialized treatment plans for each patient. I have 25 years of experience practicing Chinese Medicine, acupressure, and acupuncture. I believe that empathy is key in providing effective treatment for my patients.

In the treatment room I begin by actively listening to your health history and journey towards wellness. Together we will identify what has been missing in your current lifestyle and healthcare routine.

Between visits I will teach you acupressure points that you can practice on your own to optimize your progress outside of your regular treatments.

Building life-long wellness knowledge is an important component of the care I provide. I help my patients explore a variety of options to maximize their overall health.

My goal is to empower my patients to take charge of their health through care, compassion, and knowledge!


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The Bladder in Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the bladder is one of the six yang organs, paired with one of the six yin organs. The yin organs store vital substances (such as Qi, blood, yin, and yang), whereas the yang organs are more active and have a function of constantly filling and emptying. The bladder is a perfect example of a yang organ.

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Successful Tonics to Boost the Kidneys

The kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine are a vital energy system. They are the root of all yin and yang in the body, and they store our essence. They govern growth, reproduction and healthy progression through the different cycles of life. They play a role in healthy aging and preventing lots of age-related decline. They also control the bones, the

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Eating Right for Your Body Type

Five Elements

Traditional Chinese Medicine, a medical system that has been around for nearly 3,000 years, views the body differently than modern medicine. When the body is broken down to its core, its tiniest molecules can be classified as energy. This means every element of the universe resides within the human body, to some degree. And every organ has its

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